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Project Files Management


Client: Region of Crete

Crete is the biggest island of Greece, with a population of more than 650.000 people. The Region of Crete is a local government organizations and among the  responsibilities of the region council are the approval and monitoring of development programs as well as the operational program of the region and, finally, the program of projects to be executed and procurement.



01. The Challenge
02. The Solution
03. The Benefits
01. The Challenge

All the information about the projects was managed manually and using physical documents, stored in folders. As a result, there was no clear picture of how many and what projects they had, what was the course of their implementation or the rate of their absorption, in which stage is each project etc.

This situation led not only to wasted time searching for documents, files and projects but also to lost deadlines and manual procedures prone to errors and delays.

02. The Solution

With the decisive contribution of the representatives of the Region, Modus designed and implemented an Information System for the Management of Technical Works of the region, based on the Papyros platform, with the following characteristics:

  • Insert documents into folders / subfolders, depending on their content
  • Search for documents based on registration data
  • Traffic to competent users and automated processing process
  • Creating document templates based on project elements
  • Immediate system updates even via smartphones and tablets (e.g., import of photos by foremen during the project)
  • Summary of financial, business project data per user level (e.g., Managing Service)
  • Automatic notifications for the optimal monitoring of deadlines in a number of stages and phases of the projects, by sending relevant emails
  • Interface with Geospatial Information System (GIS) to display project data, TaxisNet for obtaining data (name, etc.) of the contractors, the protocol, where the recipient of the document can open the document to enter the project code and the document is archived there automatically.
03. The Benefits

With the use of Papyros, the benefits of the offered solution are the following:

  • Decision making is done with real, up-to-date information, immediately available to the competent users.
  • The functions of the services are in line with the Strategic Plan of the Region of Crete, in which the complete planning and the implementation of technical projects without delays have a primary role.
  • Communication between stakeholders is improved, the responsibilities and obligations of each are clearly defined and the continuity of information is ensured.
  • Better control and supervision of procedures is achieved. The procedures are monitored, as they are now standardized and documented.
  • The different information needs of each level of Project Management are met (Supervisor, Chief, Manager, General Manager, etc.).

The airport industry is distinguished for its orientation to technologically upgraded and pioneering solutions that contribute to the enhancement of the digitization of their operations. For this reason, solutions that reduce the use of paper and contribute to the mitigation of the environmental footprint are considered as a priority and are part of the operational environment of the Athens International Airport. On this matter, the Papyros platform has vertically optimized processing speed and security of document content storage, minimizing paper use and utilizing modern digital archiving capabilities in a secure environment.

Rely Papyros | Alexandros Ziomas
Director, Information Technology & Telecommunications Business Unit at Athens International Airport

In the context of the digital transformation but also in order to achieve better document management between the 15 points that Fraport Greece has activities, we collaborated with Modus and the Papyros platform. The goal of our efforts is improved cooperation and efficiency, reduced approval times and faithful adherence to corporate compliance and governance.

Rely Papyros | John Theofilos
Head of IT & Telecoms Unit, Fraport Greece

We live in a digital world that works from anywhere, anytime, on any device. The possibility given to us by the Papyros platform to be able to work not only from our office but via web or mobile has offered us great flexibility and has significantly increased our productivity.

Rely Papyros | Anna Papakosta
Head of Administrative Services, Attiki Odos S.A.

Using Modus’ Papyros platform, we have been able to digitally transform the incoming document management process. The result was the faster completion of the procedures, without errors and omissions, while the information was available in real time to all stakeholders. It is also important to note that by eliminating the use of paper, we are actively contributing to the improvement of our environmental footprint.

Rely Papyros | Panagiotis Tsiakis (PhD)
IT Business Applications Manager, Hellenic Petroleum SA

A key factor in our choice to work with Modus was the Papyros platform. Through this we not only automated our processes but we continue even today to add new workflows as it enables us to meet new business needs that arise.

Rely Papyros | Evangelos Pasxalis
IT Manager, Ydrogios Insurance SA

We partnered with Modus because it has the most flexible document management and workflow automation platform. The Papyros platform has really allowed us to review our processes and automate them, always in compliance with applicable regulations. The daily workflow in several parts of the headquarters has been simplified and standardized and in combination with the minimization of human error has led to a large increase in productivity.

Rely Papyros | Eleni Tsitsopoulou
IT Director, Jumbo

On behalf of Horizon Insurance Company I would like to point out that Papyros has brought impressive results in the management of corporate documents and in the automation of internal processes. At the same time, it contributes to the digital transformation of the company and the use of less paper. Another advantage is the easy integration with the ERP system of the company, a fact that multiplies its business value.

Rely Papyros | Christoforos Tsakarisianos
Data Protection Officer, Horizon Insurance Company S.A.

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