Do you know what a Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs are? Here’s what these indicators are and why you need them in your business.

In fact, they are basic performance indicators that measure a specific goal for a specific period of time.

Through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), business teams can:

  • Set measurable goals
  • Create progress milestones
  • Provide information for better decision-making

IT systems and KPIs

Most information systems have some basic statistical reports. For example, they can extract a list of entities (documents, processes, users) using specific criteria, such as a date range.

They also offer the possibility of visualization in the form of diagrams such as linear, pie, etc. Sometimes this feature is inherent to the system and other times it is done through the integration of external applications.

However, all these statistics are static and unambiguous. They offer information that is certainly useful but remains on the surface. This is because it does not present the actual functioning of the organization and the state of the processes being carried out.

KPIs and the Papyros ECM Platform

Here comes the KPIs that the Papyros Platform provides. Specific performance indicators are built into the basic installation of the platform. At the same time, users can configure them directly, depending on the business logic.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are one of the many options we provide through the Papyros ECM platform in terms of reporting and statistics.

Most of our customers use KPIs to measure process performance. For example, they set an acceptable time limit for completing an approval process. Then, through the relevant Key Performance Indicator, they check whether this goal is being achieved.

In this way, they can thus identify potential bottlenecks and take the prescribed actions to solve them.

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