Papyros ECM  

Enterprise Content Management Platform

Manage your documents and procedures easy, quickly and efficiently!

Data Capture

Whether your documents are in the form of a paper document, an electronic file or even an email or text, Papyros can capture and convert this unstructured content to an accessible and usable data.

  • Character & Image Recognition (OCR, ICR)
  • Barcode & Form Recognition
  • Multiple data entry methods

Document Management

You do not have to remember anymore WHERE you have saved everything but WHAT is that you are looking for. The advanced document archiving capabilities and dynamic search makes your properly organised documents easily searchable and instantly accessible. Furthermore, thanks to the Document Version Management feature you can be sure that you are working on the latest document version.

  • Instant access to the information you need
  • Smooth collaboration in document editing (check in/out)
  • Data and Document Encryption

Accessible from everywhere 

Whether you use Papyros on your desktop (Windows client) or accessing it via web (Web client), you can still use all of its features. You can even work on the go on your mobile device with the mobile app (Papyros Mobile App).

  • Local Installation (Desktop Client)
  • Web Access (Web Client)
  • Papyros Mobile App


Even users who prefer Microsoft Office or who are used to other systems (e.g. ERP, CRM, and Enterprise Portal) can still enjoy Papyros’ features thanks to its smooth system integration.

  • MS Office add-in for instant archiving
  • Integration with popular email clients (Outlook, Thunderbird)
  • SAP Integration

Business Process Automation 

The transfer of paper documents and people from one office to another in order to gather all the necessary signatures and approvals is finally over. With Papyros’ automated business processes, the documents are sent to the right recipients along with all the necessary data for their correct processing.

  • Workflows (ad hoc or automated)
  • Reminders for delegations, tasks etc.
  • Full automation of business processes

Digital Forms

Apart from the default forms on Papyros, you can create your own electronic forms without having to write a single line of code! This way you can replace the paper-based with the user-friendly electronic forms and cut down on paper.

  • Reduction of paper usage
  • Instant data entry
  • Easier information management


Security is always our top priority; our robust permission, role-based access and approval control system ensures that the right people can access the right information. The control system enforces standards on the users or entities.

  • User-level and group based rights
  • Entities-based permissions

Digital Signatures

Papyros supports all eIDAS digital signatures, regardless of the type (usb token based & remote) or user environment (Web & Mobile). The platform also provides you with workflow designing, without a Designer Tool, easily and quickly.

  • Design ad hoc and standardized document workflows
  • Define the steps, actions and users of each procedure
  • Save as template for feature use
  • Preview, sign and handle your documents in an automated way
  • Alerts and notifications so you never miss a deadline