Manage your archives efficiently and convert the paper-based content to digital information reaping the benefits of a paperless office. Our solutions can be deployed in archives currently in use as well as in historical record keeping. This way you can maximise the use of your archive, ensuring the preservation of your cultural heritage in the modern times.

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Ιndicative archive categories for digitization


Probably the most important part of digitisation is its contribution to the daily tasks of an organisation. It optimises the organisation’s function since it relieves it from the piles of paper along with receipts, contracts, employee files, legal documents among others, making all the information accessible and manageable. We provide the expertise and equipment in order to achieve the best results whether it is about small documents, single pages, designs or maps. Some of the possible documents are:

  • Letters

  • Manuscripts

  • Legal documents

  • Financial statements

  • Pharmaceutical (drug related) Documents

  • Drawings, floor plans, maps and other architectural documents

Books & newspapers

Modern times and technological trends, lead many organisations (libraries, institutions, NGOs, etc.) to look for digital book and manuscript management solutions, determined to protect their material by not only the damage time can cause but also the dissemination of information for now and in the future.
Modus offers the most comprehensive solutions of book management according to international standards and practices, while drawing on its know-how, experience and equipment, it can digitise the original material quickly, effectively and competently. Some examples of material are:

  • Books

  • Magazines

  • Newspapers

  • Theses (Diploma / Doctoral)

Works of art

Our goal is to preserve the invaluable information contained in images, photographs, books, newspapers, designs, maps, posters, manuscripts and films among other works. With our comprehensive digitisation services, we can create digital substitutes, protecting the original material from deterioration and neglect. Some examples of the kind of material to be digitised:

  • Old newspapers

  • Photographs

  • Museum collections

  • Art works

  • Historical archives

  • Manuscripts


Although books and the rest of the paper-based material comprise the bulk of the archive, a company has material in other formats too. For instance, there is the case of microfilm. Modus covers these instances too, offering complete digitisation solutions. We can name a few examples:

  • 16 mm
  • 35 mm
  • Fiche
  • Slides

Design & Implementation

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