With Papyros Mobile App new version, you can sign your documents online:

  • Wherever you are
  • In a fast yet secure way
  • Without additional costs

New features for digitally signing documents

The new version of Papyros Mobile App is here and offers even greater agility in digital signing documents online, via your mobile phone. Now you can choose:

1. The page to be signed

2. Τhe specific point in the document that you will sign with your remote digital certificate.

At the same time, the speed of the application has been improved. Now the whole process of entering the document in Papyros, selecting the appropriate point, and online signature is completed in less than 1 minute!

If you haven’t yet downloaded Papyros Mobile App, maybe it’s about time to visit Google Play or the App store. Our experienced team is at your disposal for any information you need.

Αdditional benefits of the Papyros Mobile App

The Papyros Mobile App upgrades the management of business information. With the app for Android and iOS devices, you have access to documents and processes wherever you are.

You can organize all the information using a variety of features, including:

  • Routings and workflows
  • Personal Documents
  • Search, both in metadata and content
  • Folders and cases
  • Favorites
  • History
  • Announcements, Tasks, Calendar

And of course, online (digital) signature of all your documents, using remote signatures according to eIDAS.

With Papyros Mobile App you may:

  • Receive notifications about new document assignments, document due dates, tasks, and other important dates
  • Have access (both online and offline) to the user’s entire work (documents, folders, workflows)
  • View your documents regardless of size, pages, or screen orientation, with zoom in/out & without requiring the installation of the native application for the file
  • Refer to your cases with a display of filing data, hierarchical folder structures and view of all contained documents
  • Scan receipts and other documents with the phone camera
  • Automatically enter the content of tax receipts through QR code recognition
  • Search with full-text retrieval (FTR)

And if you have not yet acquired the Papyros platform, then we are at your disposal to show you how you can upgrade your business by integrating the multiple functions of the platform.