Company Overview

Since its foundation in 1994, Modus SA specializes in the development and support of enterprise content management tools and services within not only the Greek but also the international market.

We design and implement solutions according to our customers´ specific requirements as well as we provide consulting services for the restructuring and simplification of their internal processes.

Together with our enterprise content management solutions, we provide, if needed, digitisation solutions for your archive as well as training and technical support.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to be the leader in Greece and have a strong presence in the Balkans and the Middle East, in the field of process, document and information management solutions.

Our mission is to support our customers on the effective compliance and execution of their processes as well as on direct access to documents and information in an easy and secure way.

We create technology, evolving the Papyros product line, following and adopting the latest innovations in our industry.


In the current business and competitive market that is rapidly evolving, the people are in the centre. It is the people that is the driving force of our company and to whom we invest ever since our foundation, with continuous training, in a teamwork and collaborative environment.

When it comes to our customers, who we consider members of our team, we provide them with all the necessary services so that they maximise the benefit they gain from our offered solutions.


Our philosophy is to provide effective solutions so that our customers successfully deal with their business needs, gain added value in their operations, and create the set of conditions that will make them effective and competitive.

The challenge of understanding their needs is addressed through our customer-centric strategy.

Our main pursuit, consistency and long-lasting relationships of trust with our customers through uninterrupted support and communication. Our commitment to continuous improvement through quality control procedures and action-enhancing initiatives, guarantees high-efficiency and reliable collaborations.

The achievement of the company’s objectives is based primarily on its skilled and experienced human resources. They are the driving force behind the development of our company to which we have steadily invested since our foundation.

Our corporate culture encourages and fosters the spirit of teamwork, collaboration and continuous search for knowledge and innovation, with the passion for transforming problems into solutions.

Company Values

Our corporate values are based on the principles of Innovation and Continuous Improvement, taking care of our Customers and our Team, acting with Integrity and Social Responsibility.

Being responsible to those who are directly or indirectly affected by our activities – including employees, customers, partners, society and the environment.

  • To do our best for our employees and customers

  • Develop long-term relationships with our employees and customers

  • Support non-profit organizations and environmentally friendly activities

  • We are focusing on the sustainable development of innovative, cost-effective and excellent solutions.

  • We encourage new ideas, products and processes.

  • We are seeking for the necessary knowledge, creativity, innovative strength and determination to support continuous improvement.

  • Our continuous improvement guarantees our competitiveness by enabling us to evolve our solutions to the needs and requirements of our Customers according to the specificity of the various environments in which they operate.

Our goal is to develop long-term, meaningful and loyal relationships with our customers.

We aim to offer high value, quality products and services of competitive price, which fit our customers’ needs.

We view our customers as partners who determine the success of our company:

  • Helping our customers solve their problems, because they are the guarantors of our future, by providing them superior supporting services.

  • Our products and services must offer clear benefits to our customer’s needs in particular with regard to quality, technical capability, range and availability.

  • Helping our customers use our products and services in the best possible way.

  • We must be quicker and better than the competition, and we must prove this to our customers on a daily basis.

Our principles recognize the interests of employees and their important role in contributing to the long-term success and performance of the company.

  • We focus on the continuous development of employees in all sectors, with education and guidance.

  • Provide the kind of leadership that will motivate employees to do their jobs in a superior way, with teaminess and creativity.

  • We help each employee develop his potential and make creative use of them.

  • Teamwork is vital to our success. We work effectively to achieve our goals.

  • Retain and attract best people.

  • We communicate openly with trust and respect.

  • In our business, ethical behavior and integrity are primary, they must be cultivated and confirmed repeatedly in every aspect of our company.

  • We protect the disclosure of personal data and exercise strict care in managing all information.

  • We develop our business activities in compliance with all relevant laws, international regulations and internal rules.

  • We care for the natural environment:

  • Development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies. Our efficient solutions benefit not only our customers, but also the environment. (Paperless office, reducing environmental footprint. supporting the ability of the workflow execution and decision making, everywhere and anytime).

  • At our offices we have a full recycling policy. We use low energy lighting and in general we try to reduce our energy footprint to the minimum level.