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Papyros Enterprise Content Management – The innovative and efficient way to manage your business content

Discover a comprehensive content solution and improve the performance of your business with Papyros, a thoughtfully designed Enterprise Content Management platform. Find all the necessary tools based on your needs, switch to a paperless office, and level up your business smartly and efficiently.



01. What does Enterprise Content Management (ECM) refer to?
02. Why is ECM essential for my business?
03. What are the benefits of ECM?
04. Why should I select Modus & Papyros?
05. How do I start?
01. What does Enterprise Content Management (ECM) refer to?

ECM strategically enhances your business potential through an overall, integrated document, workflow and case management system.

ECM brings immediate benefits to your business while it helps you manage your most valuable information and ensure compliance with standards.

ECM automates and simplifies processes while enhancing collaboration between departments, saving space, time and money.

02. Why is ECM essential for my business?

ECM is a software platform architected specifically for the design, development, and delivery of document-, content-, or process-rich applications. It is a smart, strategic solution that allows you to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver your business’ information, such as contracts, mails,  offers, and other content related to organizational processes.


The Enterprise Content Management software helps you:

  • Capture and index unstructured content
  • Organize folders based on their utility
  • Gain direct access to your content
  • Automate all internal work processes
  • Search for files based on what they are, not where they are saved
  • Sign documents online quickly and easily
  • Secure company data and privacy
  • Distribute documents with digital signatures
  • Achieve security and access controls
03. What are the benefits of ECM?

The success of your business lies in being able to access and secure your information quickly and safely.  Through Papyros, you manage your workflow and collaborate with partners and clients, using tools customized to your needs. Ensure your business’ independence and security with Papyros, a flexible time and cost-saving process.

With Enterprise Content Management, you are able to:

  • Reduce working hours of employees
  • Save on stationery, printing, couriers, etc.
  • Improve workflow without the hassle of delays
  • Become a more environmentally-friendly office
  • Speed up approval and signature processes
  • Organize and easily find online documents
  • Save storage space and skip the paperwork
  • Achieve compliance with the ISO, GDPR
  • Eliminate errors such as duplicated files
  • Automate and standardize internal processes
  • Ensure business information, privacy, and security

Choose Enterprise Content Management to save:

  • Cost – 90%
  • Time – 85%
  • Space – 80%
04. Why should I select Modus & Papyros?

Papyros Enterprise Content Management provides you complete control over your business content both in Greek and English. Automate and standardize your processes, increase your ROI, and switch to a paperless environment. Trust a leader in the content management industry with years of experience and find solutions to all your problems. Specifically:

Facilitate your business planning and execution

Modus is implementing solutions for almost any industry [link], department [link] and use case [link]. See how you can benefit from Papyros ECM platform and ensure compliance.

Consult the Modus experts

Discover Modus consulting services for the file digitization, archiving, modelling, or interoperability provided according to the Lean Business Management model.

Discover the digitization services

Digitize and protect your active, structured, or unstructured database. Convert everything to a digital form, from books to artwork or microfilms.

05. How do I start?

Shift your company away from the obsolete and time-consuming content management processes. Discover Papyros Enterprise Content Management platform, manage your documents fast, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Contact us to learn more, and let us tailor our services to your demands. Ask for a live product demonstration or calculate your annual savings with our free ROI calculator. At Modus, we’re looking forward to offering you the best intelligent information management solutions and launching your business to the stars.

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