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Papyros ECM Platform


Documents, Cases & Workflows with Digital Signatures

Store, manage and distribute business information in a single, secure, robust and integrated environment

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Where could you use Papyros ECM Platform?

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  • Paper mail
  • Emails
  • Documents
  • Invoices
  • Bills
  • Receipts
  • Applications
  • Third party files (ERP, CRM, HRMS,Databases etc.)

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Use Cases

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Business Process Automation / Workflow
  • Management / Approval Workflows
  • Case Management – Legal Case Mgmt
  • Claims Management
  • Contract Lifecycle Management
  • Document Management
  • Project Files Management
  • Board Meeting Management
  • Digital Procurement
  • Quality management (ISO, GDPR)
  • Customer Communication Management
  • Digital Vault

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Roles / Departments / People

  • Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Legal
  • Procurement
  • C-Level
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Purchasing
  • Quality
  • Partners
  • Customers
  • Citizens

Why Papyros?


Papyros is the central repository of all documents, processes, users and digital signatures, providing direct and secure access to information.


Handles business content throughout its life cycle, with versioning, audit trail and graded access, ensuring compliance with applicable regulations.


Plans, automates and speeds up your processes, implementing all workflows digitally, identifying any bottlenecks.


It is easy to use and user friendly, without losing in features. Available on web and mobile, on-prem, hybric & cloud implementations.


It provides the right information in real time, enhancing the productivity and response of your business, leading to fast and efficient decision making.


It can be integrated and communicate with third party systems such as ERP, CRM, HRMS, via API and Web Services.


Papyros ECM Platform allows you to capture, manage and distribute your business information, in a secure and compliant environmentTitle

Batch Scanning & Indexing

Connect Papyros ECM directly to your scanning equipment and accelerate your digitization and indexing process. Scan mail, contracts, invoices, and other paper documents in batches and eliminate physical archiving. Leverage Papyros ECM custom-made digital archiving forms and integrated text recognition functionality (OCR), index and then query documents by metadata or with specific keywords and phrases in the documents’ content.

Windows Folders Synchronization

Easily import, index, and automatically synchronize documents from your local file system folders. With Papyros Drive module, you can manage documents stored in Papyros directly from your Windows OS folders, adding, removing or editing documents with a simple click with, access permission, version control, and audit trails ensuring

Barcode recognition

Papyros ECM barcode and QR code recognition functionality accelerates your document scanning and indexing procedures. Use barcode labels to separate scanned documents, automate document archiving, trigger business workflows or correlate scanned images with records from ERPs and other line-of-business applications.

Mobile Scanning

You don’t need to be at your desk to import your documents to Papyros ECM. Using Papyros Mobile Application for IOS and Android devices, you can scan, upload and manage your documents from your smartphone and tablet wherever you are.

Office / Outlook Integration

Archive and access important documents right from your familiar MS Office applications environment (MS Word, MS Outlook, MS Project etc). Use Papyros’ dedicated add-ins to save, index and route documents, without leaving your preferred user interfaces.

Email Server Integration

Connect Papyros ECM with your email accounts using Papyros two-way IMAP/SMTP integration capability, to view, import, and manage your emails from a single unified environment.

Print to Papyros

Automatically import invoices, reports, and other documents generated in your business applications using Papyros Printer. Papyros Virtual Printer captures printouts from your ERP, WMS, HRMS etc., and uses text recognition to automatically index them for fast search and retrieval.

Quick Search

Type words, wildcards, or phrases in Quick Search just like you would in any other search engine and Papyros ECM will look for those terms in the name, metadata, or content of the documents. Search words are highlighted in the results so you can instantly find the documents you need.

Advanced Queries

Use Papyros’ powerful advanced search to query documents with complex criteria by filtering their metadata with multiple parameters, logical operators, date and numerical ranges or related entities. You can view and manage documents directly from search results, as well as examine related entities and different Papyros folders or cases where these documents are located.

Check in/out & Version Control

Editing and saving documents in Papyros ECM, is always monitored by check-in/out and version control functionality. Each document’s change history is documented and available to authorized users. Know when a document is being edited, reduce duplicates and inaccuracies, to make remote collaboration on document authoring an easy and straightforward task.

BPM & Workflow Automation

Streamline your everyday business with Papyros predefined and ad-hoc workflows. Identify bottlenecks and perform real-time adjustments to your internal procedures, though graphical business modeling tools (BPMN) and advanced reporting.

Record Lifecycle Management

Refine and enforce your company’s data protection policies with automated retention and disposal scheduling, according to preset parameters to mitigate legal risks and ensure compliance.

In-App and Email Notifications

Setup automated notifications to let users know when a document or folder is modified, when a specific event occurs or when an important task is due. Gain full control over deadlines, contract expirations and other important dates by triggering personalized messages to stakeholders and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Customized Report Dashboards

Provide your management with a complete “bird’s eye” view of processes and tasks with customized report dashboards, to measure process success and identify inefficiencies in real-time. Design multiple dashboards for each specific role or function, including custom query results, lists and visual elements such as pie charts, bar charts, matrices and KPIs.

Digital Signatures

Embed digital signing seamlessly into any internal workflow, regardless of your trust service provider. Quickly sign contracts, invoices, correspondence and other a legally binding documents using eIDAS compliant signatures from desktop and mobile devices.

Document Templates

Accelerate you company’s document creation procedures with Papyros’ document templates. Quickly generate correspondence, requests, purchase orders, contracts and other just by filling a digital form with specific metadata.

Web, Desktop & Mobile Clients

Use one of many Papyros ECM user interfaces provided for Windows PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, or Android environments. Allow busy executives to manage their documents and participate in workflows remotely during business trips and save valuable time on approval processes.

Sharing & Document Delivery

Stop filling your email servers with heavy attachment files. Share documents within your organization or publicly with customers and partners via Papyros external links functionality. Use Papyros External Links to embed pricelists, application templates and other documents in your business applications, intranet, and websites.

Advanced Security Framework

Gain control over your business documents and data using Papyros ECM comprehensive security framework including group rights, user and entity-based permissions, detailed audit trails, as well as data & document encryption. Import your company’s organizational structure in Papyros ECM, or integrate directly with LDAP & Active Directory, enforce data protection policies and mitigate legal risk and regulatory overhead.

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