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Insurance Claims Management

Claims are time consuming and complex, as they involve the management of large volumes of documents, the collaboration of many different roles within the department, and the frequent information and communication with clients and partners.

With the Papyros ECM platform you can digitize and speed up settlement processes, significantly reduce operating costs and enforce strict security policies.

Solution Features

Automate insurance claims management with Papyros ECM platform.

Process Automation

Design your processes with Papyros Workflow Designer and Form Designer graphic tools and automate claims management processes.

Digital Signatures EIDAS

Digitally sign contracts and other documents with clients and partners in seconds from your computer, mobile or tablet. Use a Qualified Digital Signature and completely eliminate the manual paper process.

Third-party integration

You can provide access to documents and processes in a user-friendly environment, utilizing the wide range of platform interfaces.

KPIs & metrics

Keep a close eye on your pending claims, using the detailed reporting and KPIs of the Papyros ECM platform.


Secure sensitive information and documents by enforcing strict access rules. Enhance transparency and control over business processes by setting audit trails.


Accelerate document production such as letters and requests, with Papyros Document Templates, saving valuable time.


Archive daily correspondence with customers and partners directly from your inbox. Index the documents with useful metadata so that you can search them easily and quickly.


Gather applications, correspondence, supporting documents, and useful information from third-party systems in Claims Cases to be processed. Forward each case to those in charge for review, comment and decision making.


Dramatically reduce claim processing times by offering customers and partners digital forms for submitting requests and supporting documents for settlement and track the progress of their requests.

Design your processes with Papyros Workflow Designer and Form Designer graphic tools and automate claims management processes.


Dramatic reduction of operating costs by eliminating the physical archiving and circulation of documents
Consolidation of critical documents and information from third party systems IRP, CRM, Portals, Email etc.
Reduction of Response Time to claims for faster compensation
Fast and Flexible Development of Self-Service Portals for your clients and partners
Save time in processing and documenting all management procedures of the department
Full transparency, control and avoidance of errors in internal policies and procedures
Ensure sensitive customer information, compliance with laws and regulations (ISO, GDPR) and minimize legal risk
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