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Accounts Payable Management

Accounts payable automation solutions have been proven to help organizations drastically reduce the operating costs of managing business expenses. They also contribute significantly to better procurement control and supervision and increase productivity.

Papyros ECM platform has the right tools to lead you to process automation and increase of productivity.

Solution Features

Papyros ECM platform gathers requests, offers, pricelists, RFx, POs, contracts, and all related mail in a central and secure environment, accessible from PC, tablet or mobile.


Digitize physical documents and manage them via Papyros for fast search and retrieval

Pending issues

Provide your staff with a central point for managing their paperwork and pending business operations. Adapt the work environment of each employee to meet the daily needs of his role.

Access Control

Establish strict access policies and standardize internal procedures. Take advantage of Papyros ECM’s powerful report engine and track the progress of your business in real time.

Process automation

Capture The Papyros ECM platform supports the capture of complex hierarchies, organization charts and internal regulations, so that every step of your processes is performed by the right person.

Third-party integration

Thanks to Papyros API and web services, users will not have to make duplicate entries or gather information from scattered locations.

Remote Collaboration

. With Papyros approval procedures and the Papyros Mobile App, users can access their documents anywhere, anytime. Sign digitally and accelerate your business workflows with the Papyros platform.

Digitize physical documents and manage them via Papyros for fast search and retrieval


Operating costs reduction
Accounts payable automation
Scalable solution, working on any infrastructure
Risk mitigation, compliance with laws and regulations
Flexibility and efficiency in managing and executing budgets
Quick resolution of disputes with suppliers and customers
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