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Business Continuity

Either it is pandemics, natural disasters, fires, cyber-attacks, network outages or hardware failures, there are many unpreventable incidents and external factors that can interrupt normal business operations and endanger business continuity. To withstand and thrive during disasters, businesses have realized that they need to plan for reliability and rapid recovery to ensure productivity and revenue generation.

Papyros ECM is an essential part of your business continuity plan, ensuring that your business content is properly maintained and remotely accessible when everything else fails.


How to achive Business Continuity with Papyros

Remote Document Access

Allow your personnel to access contracts, invoices, and other critical documents remotely while maintaining proper access logs, strict authentication rules and other compliance related standards and procedures.

Remote Collaboration

Digitize internal procedures with Papyros ECM robust workflow engine and remote collaboration tools to keep your business processes online 24/7 while your company recovers from a disaster.

Productivity Measurement

With Papyros ECM reporting tools in your arsenal, you can measure productivity drops after a disaster incident, predict revenue loss in time and strategize for faster recovery.

Records Management

Automatically import and store issued records from your ERP, CRM, and other line-of-business applications, and maintain business continuity in case of software or hardware failure.

Cloud Storage

Papyros ECM offers on-premises, cloud, and hybrid implementations, allowing your business to plan for multiple hardware failure and network outage scenarios.

Disaster Recovery Policies

Plan, document and automate your disaster recovery policies with Papyros ECM. In case of a disaster, automatically put recovery plans into operation and distribute crucial information and related tasks to appropriate personnel and management.

Backups & Synchronization

Papyros ECM platform offers fast backup and synchronization functionality to significantly shorten downtime, eliminating the risk of document loss in case of a disaster.

Mobility & Remote Work

Offer your personnel the flexibility of compliance-friendly mobility and remote work including access to documents and workflows from anywhere with any device, anytime.

What are the advantages of choosing Papyros ECM as your Business Continuity tool?

Cost Reduction: Eliminate all costs related to handling paper and reduce time spent on searching, filling, copying, and paper-based manual processes.
Employee Service Acceleration: Avoid costly delays in new hires, contract renewals, employee requests and other paperwork-heavy operations by implementing automated processes.
Control & Transparency: Gain full control of your HR operations and promote transparency in your company’s HR policies.
Risk & Compliance: Reduce the risks of confidential information leak, protect your employees’ personal documents and data from unauthorized access and prove GDPR compliance with detailed audit trails and relevant documentation.
Interoperability: Replace disconnected legacy systems with 360 solutions integrated with your company’s IT toolbox and ensure corporate information stays accurate and consistent.
Mobility & Remote Work: Offer your HR personnel the flexibility of compliance-friendly mobility and remote work including access to documents and workflows from any device.

Platform Features

Papyros ECM is a dynamic platform for Enterprise Content Management and Workflow Automation that can make a significant contribution to Business Continuity,

Digitization and Indexing

Take advantage of Papyros ECM platform digitization tools, eliminate physical archiving and instantly reduce business operating costs.

Workflow Automation

Speed up your internal processes with automated workflows. Business processes, no matter how complex, are designed low-code/no-code with the Papyros Form Designer & Papyros Workflow Designer tools.

eIDAS Digital Signatures

Deliver your documents to your customers and partners digitally and sign them in seconds, from your computer, mobile phone or tablet. Use a Qualified Digital Signature and completely eliminate the manual paper process.

Third- party integration

There’s no need to have your staff work in multiple applications. You can integrate Papyros to third party systems, providing access to documents and procedures in a user-friendly environment, taking advantage of the platform’s wide range of interfaces.


Draw detailed reports on the progress of your procedures and track the response times of each department. Discover bottlenecks and take corrective action to continuously increase productivity.


Secure sensitive information and documents by enforcing strict access rules. Enhance transparency and control over business processes by setting audit trails.


Templates Speed up your document generating processes, with Papyros Templates and save valuable time communicating with your clients and partners.

Alarms & Notifications

Set up automatic updates for your customers and partners on the progress of their requests.

Case Management

Organize your documents into dynamic folders, keeping all the information for each of your cases together

Low Code Development Tools

With Papyros’ integrated tools, Papyros Form Designer and Papyros Workflow Designer integrated tools you can implement any digital forms (attributing metadata) and workflows, according to your business logic, low-code / no-code.

Take advantage of Papyros ECM platform digitization tools, eliminate physical archiving and instantly reduce business operating costs.

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