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Business Process Management

Processes are the heart of every business. From customer service and production to staff recruitment, the proper organization and execution of workflows is a critical factor for the efficiency of any organization. 

Papyros Workflow Automation solutions provide digital tools for fast design, safe execution and real-time monitoring of processes.

Solution Features

Automate your business processes, get a complete picture of your everyday operations and significantly reduce operating costs and processing time, with Workflow & Business Process Management solutions of the Papyros ECM platform.

Workflow Designing

Utilizing BPMN 2.0 graphical workflow design tools, you can capture and automate your business workflows with no code writing

Digital Archiving Forms

Index the uploaded documents with metadata in specially designed Digital Forms and automate the archiving process.

Check-in / out

Papyros offers check-in and check-out functionality, making it possible for staff to collaborate in writing and editing business documents.


Collaboration in the production, editing and approval of documents becomes easier, as users can add their own comments and notes

Digital Signatures

Speed up the process of signing documents with customers, staff or suppliers with digital eIDAS signatures and ensure that your business complies with the new European and global regulatory framework.

Rights & Permissions

Apply rights to users and roles and restrict the access to documents, workflows and cases, covering any possible security policy and ensuring that only appropriate users can view, edit or manage any business information.

Audit Trail

Enhance business control and compliance with Papyros Audit Trail, tracking the history of all actions performed, so that you always know who, when and what was viewed or edited.


Each time you edit or upload existing documents in Papyros, the platform maintains different versions so that you can then track all changes and never lose any information.

Third-party integration

With Papyros API and web services you can provide easy & secure access to business content regardless of the system it is stored, by integrating it with the back-office applications.

Remote Collaboration

Collaborate remotely and get easy access to your documents, track their routings and their different versions, wherever you are, from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Utilizing BPMN 2.0 graphical workflow design tools, you can capture and automate your business workflows with no code writing


Reduction of operating costs related to paper-based procedures
Access to information anywhere, anytime
Advanced and fast search and retrieval
Accelerated document sharing between departments
Protecting documents from unauthorized access, modification or destruction
Ensuring compliance and minimizing legal risk
Improved working environment
Reduction of environmental footprint
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