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Industry | Health Sector

Protect your patients’ documents, automate your internal processes in a secure and user-friendly, paperless environment, and significantly improve the level of service provided.

Platform Features

Digitization and Indexing

Take advantage of Papyros ECM platform digitization tools, eliminate physical archiving and instantly reduce business operating costs.

Case Management

Organize documents and data of third-party systems in Papyros cases: claims, contracts, purchases, recruitments, etc. Monitor the progress of each issue as well as the completeness of the necessary supporting documents.

Workflow Automation

Automate business processes with digital forms and workflows. Accelerate the handling of your documents and cases throughout your company.

EIDAS Digital Signatures

Deliver your documents to your customers and partners digitally and sign them in seconds, from your computer, mobile phone or tablet. Use a Qualified Digital Signature and completely eliminate the manual paper process.


Draw detailed reports on the progress of your procedures and track the response times of each department. Discover bottlenecks and take corrective action to continuously increase productivity. Set automatic updates for your customers and partners, as concerns the progress of their requests.

Third- party integration

There’s no need to have your staff work in multiple applications. You can integrate Papyros to third party systems, providing access to documents and procedures in a user-friendly environment, taking advantage of the platform’s wide range of interfaces.


Speed up your document generating processes, with Papyros Templates and save valuable time communicating with your clients and partners.


Protect documents containing sensitive customer data and enforce strict rules for accessing and handling information throughout the company. Ensure compliance with rules and regulations, with full recording of all user actions (audit trails).


Alarms & Notifications

Set up automatic updates for your customers and partners on the progress of their requests.

Data Capture

Take advantage of integrated data capture tools (OCR, OMR, Barcode and Form Recognition) and products, eliminating the time-consuming tasks of document data entry, avoiding errors and delays.


Reduction of operating costs, eliminating the physical management and handling of documents
Faster processing of losses, minimization of insurance issuance time
Compliance with rules, regulations and standards (e.g., ISO, GDPR)
Process standardization and automation for your workflows
Increased security, providing access only to authorized users
Supervision and control at any stage of the insurance application process
Faster decision making, with the help of reports and statistics
Improved customer service, faster payment of compensation

Indicative Papyros Solutions

Our long collaboration with most of the insurance companies of the country, have given us valuable experience and the necessary know-how to design and implement integrated solutions in most operations of the health sector.

Mail Management

Archive and distribute business correspondence with customers and partners directly from your Inbox. Look for the contact history with the customer by applying complex search criteria (Date, Branch, Damage No., Contract No. etc.)

Regulatory compliance

Replace manual, paper-based procedures with an automated workflow system to avoid mistakes, save time, and instantly increase staff productivity.Whether you are committed to a strict regulatory framework, or you are interested in ensuring the quality of the company’s services, the Papyros ECM platform is an essential tool for monitoring and documenting day-to-day quality processes, ensuring Compliance Management.

Requests Management

Standardize and automate the management of patient complaints, patient consent, collection of documents for compensation from insurance companies and other internal procedures. With Papyros all workflows are implemented through the platform, with audit trail.


Accelerate the whole supply circuit and manage your RFPs digitally. Define all settings (rules, timelines etc.), receive and manage the offers with Papyros workflows and with graded access, ensuring that all actions are performed timely and securely.

HR Files

Protect your staff files, and automate your processes, e.g., requesting new hiring or leaves. Connect the personnel file data with the HR system of the company.

Legal Cases Management

Organize lawsuits, judicial decisions and other court or extrajudicial documents in digital case folders, managed by Papyros. Monitor the progress of judicial cases with detailed reports of important deadlines and financial data.

Digital Services to partners & customers

Provide limited, graded access to documents and procedures to users outside the business (clients, insurance consultants, partners) and improve the quality of your customer service.

Historical Archives

Digitize your physical file folders so that they are accessible inside and outside the business. Implement policies of automatic destruction of older archives and ensure the compliance of your business with the regulatory framework.

Archive and distribute business correspondence with customers and partners directly from your Inbox. Look for the contact history with the customer by applying complex search criteria (Date, Branch, Damage No., Contract No. etc.)

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