In the last five years, the digital transformation has started in all companies in Greece. An important part of this multi-stage process is digital document management. Basically, the era when all your files were in printed form and consumed storage space, but also time to find what you needed is over. Plus, there are advanced solutions that guarantee you can organize, search and find your documents in seconds.

The benefits for your business are many and in multiple areas:

  1. Saving time and having direct access electronically from wherever you are. The only prerequisite is the installation of the appropriate business information management platform.
  2. Putting an end to the need for large spaces to store your printed files. This saves extra operating costs
  3. The inter-company relations, the communication between the different departments, but also the customer service are improving dramatically. All the information you are looking for is organized electronically and ready to use in seconds
  4. Enjoying significant savings from the cost of copying and distributing documents.

Let’s look below, separately the advantages for your business from A to Z.

Easy and fast electronic management of your documents

Your business has departments that handle individual tasks. Each section uses files with different types of documents for its operation. Whether it is:

  • Contracts
  • Invoices
  • Letters
  • Purchase orders
  • Personnel files
  • Claims

each day includes enough document exchange, processing and storage. And everything is important. In addition, it is common to look for the right documents several times a day to make your case easier.

How much time would you save if all these files were electronic, readily available 24/7 and organized?

How much easier would be the daily life of your employees and consequently the operation of the departments, if any document you were looking for, you found it immediately and effortlessly?

The answer is as simple as managing your documents.

With digital document management, you can have all the information about your business and associates properly sorted by category.

Also, with an online document management system like Papyros you can manage your documents to suit any occasion. Among other things you can:

  • Keep a history of the changes being made. 
  • Add comments and notes
  • Distribute for approval
  • Associate them with customers, partners, or other documents and cases
  • Provide access to external users

Never before has electronic information management been so easy and fast.

Learn how Papyros ECM can cover any document management needs.

Digital document management & easy-to-use organization of your folders

How do you want your files to be organized?

  • By customer, supplier, contract or project?
  • By document type?
  • By chronological order?

Or do you want to decide on a case-by-case basis, a personalized solution for organizing your documents?

Now you can!

With the right Enterprise Content Management platform, you can organize all your files digitally. The process of organization is easy to use and reflects the needs of your business.

Retrieve any document in seconds

You have organized your files. Now, you are looking to find just the right document. With a simple search using keywords, the system shows you the document you are looking for in seconds.

No more hassle-free searching and no wasting time to find what you are looking for per folder. Now in a very simple way, you have the file you are looking for in front of you.

Additionally, as the software works either locally or over a network, or even with the mobile app, you can access it at any time and place. This way your daily obligations are handled without any restrictions.

All you need to do is know what you are looking for and not where you have stored it. All the rest is undertaken by the platform, improving your daily work, while at the same time the operation of your organization or business is upgraded.

Improving intercompany relationships by distributing documents

The ability to deliver documents directly to the business serves workflows, such as cost approvals or contracts, and improves partner relationships. Customer service time is reduced to a minimum and process automation contributes to better interaction between departments. Now you can finally put an end to the unnecessary and time-consuming sending of documents and transfers of executives from one department to another, for changes, approvals and signatures.

With Papyros you have access to a “single source of truth”. Facilitate collaboration between departments and the sharing of documents between them. Simplify participation in automated workflows through business process modeling. Make it easy to share files and instructions with the right recipients to get things done right

Benefits of Papyros Platform by Modus, for your digital document management

Papyros offers all of the above, completely simplifying file management procedures. The advanced Enterprise Content Management platform “Papyros” (Enterprise Content Management) offers mission-critical solutions for any company, regardless of the industry sector.

For example, you have a retail chain business and you want to manage vendor documents, staff files, or marketing department actions.

Papyros is the right solution, which will increase the productivity of your company. How? With correct, fast, easy management of your business information and internal processes, saves productive time and significantly reduces the operating costs of your business.

A complete transition to a paperless work environment is a prerequisite for companies aiming for the top!

See the Papyros solutions for document management in specific industry sectors

With our experience we have developed flexible services:

  1. Document import and indexing
  2. Distribution of business information with workflows and digital signatures
  3. Organized Οργανωμένης τήρησης αρχείου στο σύστημα
  4. Instant search and retrieval
  5. Data security and encryption
  6. Data protection in cases of theft or natural disaster

In addition, you have instant access to everything you are looking for. This is because it does not matter from which environment you open the Papyros. You can use it:

  • Locally, with Papyros Desktop Client
  • Anywhere, with Papyros Web client
  • Anytime, with Papyros Mobile App

in any installation type (on-prem, cloud, hybrid) and any licensing schema. 

With these options, all functionality is available for use. Especially with the mobile application, you have literally all the information in your hands wherever you are.

And if you’re concerned about the security of your documents, Papyros has a sophisticated system of rights, roles, and permissions. This way, you can be sure that the right people are seeing the right documents. The management system applies rules to either users or entities, covering every possible detail. Essentially, among other things, it offers:

  • Rights per user of user groups
  • Permissions on information entities
  • Data and document encryption

You can contact us today for a free return on investment study by our experienced executives (ROI analysis). This way you can calculate exactly the benefit you can get by implementing our online document management solutions.

Free Return on Investment study with Papyros ECM