How many times has any of the following happened during your daily work life?

1. To have a filing form where you need to:

  • Add or remove fields
  • Change fields’ events or make a field mandatory?

2. To update a workflow designed in the past, making changes in:

  • Steps
  • Recipients
  • User actions

Frequent changes in workflow management

Changes like the above happen often. Unfortunately, many times users have to settle for using an information system that no longer serves them.

What is the reason for this?

Because quite simply the only one who can intervene is the system provider. Even when there is an active maintenance contract, the steps to implementation are many and quite time-consuming. These changes must be analyzed, evaluated and presented in a financial offer. Then the provider will proceed with their implementation, while in the meantime valuable time will have been lost.

There is a solution for easy and immediate changes with designer tools, without the need for programmers

Papyros platform frees its users from this situation. The design tools Papyros Form Designer and Papyros Workflow Designer are integrated into the platform and can be used without code writing (low-code/no-code).

These tools offer a user-friendly, graphic interface where appropriate users may:

  • Edit digital forms
  • Manage automation and workflows

Essentially, with Papyros’ design tools, task management is simple, quick and easy.

Papyros Form Designer and Papyros Workflow Designer benefits

Both designer tools offer a friendly and easy-to-use working environment. Authorized users can have control over each project. They can carry out parameterizations, in order to accurately, clearly, and quickly capture the business logic at a time. In addition, they enable them to:

  1. Create forms with the desired fields
  2. Define triggering events according to the fields’ content
  3. Implement automated workflows

Specifically, for each workflow, the roles, the transition conditions from step to step, the decisions, and their results can be thoroughly defined. In addition, you may use digital signatures or any other aspect a complex workflow may need.

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